RFID Poker Table Solution

RFID Poker Table Solution



We’re about to optimize your poker table’s performance and add more money to your bottom line. Optimizing poker table’s performance has never been easier, or more profitable than today. Looking to make your table stackers poker tables more profitable? GTI RFID Poker Solution can help you! GTI RFID Poker Solution automatically calculates all POT and RAKE AMOUNT. GTI RFID Poker Solution is our innovative, easy to use RFID Poker Table System that makes possible to eliminate human errors and increase game speed and incomes by up to 30%.

GTI RFID Poker Table System combines a Poker Table, an RFID electronic unit that reads and validates a large quantity of gaming chips, a touch-screen tablet PC and an easy-to-use, complete software. This fast pot scanning reduces game down time by minimizing delays, making it possible to generate many additional rounds per hour. It also eliminates dealer errors by instantly calculating rakes and more, protecting your assets from human error while identifying counterfeit chips. What’s more, by automatically counting all gaming chips your dealers have more time to focus on the players and providing better customers service.

GTI RFID Poker Table system enhance your poker table management processes by providing you a wide range of reports and statistics giving you the information necessary to maximize your casino’s efficiency. This information can be used to identify the most profitable hours of play. The reports can be sent daily to external gaming authorities, if required.

GTI poker table solutions increase table efficiency and game speed while simultaneously eliminating costly calculation mistakes and reducing the downtime between games. We also offer a progressive jackpot module to increase the performance of your tables.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Allows automatic, fast and accurate accounting of chips
  • Enables greater game speed while eliminating rake, round-up and other calculation mistakes
  • Automated chip verification increases table security
  • Assists dealer with game supervision and payouts
  • Available with an attractive game activity and statistics display that includes pot information, rake and more
  • Also available with a progressive jackpot option


  • Fits any poker table
  • The reader and its power supply can be installed out of sight anywhere under the table
  • No hardware setting is required
  • Easy compatibility with mini-touch-screen tablet PC (not included)


Reduces game delays by automatizing manual processes:

  • Automatic chip counting
  • Automatic 1 Pot calculation
  • Automatic Rake Calculation
  • Chip authentication procedures
  • Constant pot reading
  • Rake can be fixed or a percentage

Provides key information for evaluating table performance:

  • Round-ups
  • Daily totals
  • Average daily pot
  • Average pot per hour

Available with a progressive that drives additional play:

  • Can link multiple tables
  • Offers multiple prize levels

Solutions configurations and optionals

  • 1 Pot scanning Antenna (standard configuration)
  • RFID Chip Tray (optional)
  • RFID Rake/Tip Drop Boxes (optional)
  • Game Activity Display (optional)
  • Progressive Jackpot (optional)