RFID Casino Products

RFID Casino Products

GTI Gaming Manufactures a wide and complete range of RFID casino product equipment, devices and accessories suitable for any application everywhere in the casino cage, gaming floor and gaming tables.

RFID Products in the casino cage:

  • RFID Casino Cage Redemption Window / Cashier Desk Counter Unit
  • RFID Casino Cage Chip Bank / Back Office Large Inventory Unit
  • RFID Casino Cage Redemption Window / Cashier Counter Chip Tray
  • RFID Casino Cage Chip Storage Cabinet

RFID Casino Floor and Gaming Tables Products:

  • RFID Casino Card Table Float Chip Tray
  • RFID Card Table Plaque Tray / Box
  • RFID Card Table Drop Box
  • RFID American Roulette Table Float Transparent Chip Tray Case