GTI ROULETTE BET TRACKING System (RBT) is a roulette table game tracking, rating and management system designed to count chips, track bets using correct hand counts for more accurate roulette table analysis calculations.

GTI RBT System enables casinos to automatically:

• Precisely and accurately count chips and track (total) bets
• Count hands played
• Monitor actions, plays and game integrity
• Identify dealer and dealers performances
• Calculate roulette table performances
• Make a wide range of reports and statistics

GTI RBT System is designed to improve roulette management by utilizing the latest technology to enhance rating accuracy and evaluate operational efficiency.

GTI RBT System ensures accurate chips and spins count, and total bet capture and analysis allowing a casino to better evaluate roulette table true value and performances, and dealer efficiency.

GTI RBT System is easily configured to accommodate different hardware configurations including central pit PC, touch PC at pit table and mobile tablet PC.

Supervisors are notified of roulette table activity requiring MTL or CTR requirements and surveillance can monitor table monetary activity.

Sensors are positioned under the betting grid and under table felt, to detect and count chips when players place them on and to determine when a spin is being played.

The sensors are designed to read through fabric.

Because the sensors are installed under the table felt, they are protected and undetectable by the players.

The sensors are covered to avoid problems from spills of any kind. When felt changes are performed, the maintenance crews are not entrusted to disconnect or remove the sensors once they are installed thus eliminating inadvertent sensor damage.

GTI RBT System tracks all bets and all spins, so dealer speed and efficiency can easily be evaluated. Now, casinos can routinely perform dealer audits and determine casino spins/hands per hour goals on all game types.

GTI RBT System is a stand-alone system but can be combined with GTI Casino CIMS System to form a complete casino currency and table game management, player tracking and rating system.

We believe our product and systems are the most complete, high tech products in the market today.

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