GTI BLACKJACK BET TRACKING (BJBT) System is a blackjack table game individual player bet tracking, rating and management system designed to count chips, track play and players individual bets using correct hand counts for more accurate players action analysis and reward calculations.

GTI BJBT System enables casinos to automatically:

• Identify players and players seat position at the table
• Precisely and accurately count chips and track players’ individual bet
• Counts hands played
• Monitor actions, plays and game integrity
• Calculate and monitor payouts
• Generate notifications in case of errors
• Identify dealer and dealers' performances
• Make a wide range of reports and statistics
• Feed information to a Customer Relation Management System

GTI BJBT System is designed to improve player ratings and pit management by utilizing the latest technology to enhance rating accuracy and evaluate operational efficiency.

GTI BJBT System extends beyond standard electronic rating systems by capturing hand count and propositional bet data.

GTI BJBT System ensures accurate chips and hand count and players bet capture and analysis allowing a casino to better evaluate a player’s true value, dealer efficiency and side bet assessment.

GTI BJBT System is easily configured to accommodate different hardware configurations including central pit PC, touch PC at pit table and mobile tablet PC.

Supervisors are notified of any customer activity requiring MTL or CTR requirements and surveillance can monitor the pit and the tables for player alerts and table monetary activity.

Sensors are positioned under the betting box and under table felt, one for each player’s seat to detect and count chips when they are placed by players on and to determine when a hand is being played.

The sensors are designed to read through fabric.

Because the sensors are installed under the table felt, they are protected and undetectable by the players.

The sensors are covered to avoid problems from spills of any kind. When felt changes are performed, the maintenance crews are not entrusted to disconnect or remove the sensors once they are installed thus eliminating inadvertent sensor damage.

Players are identified when playing at the table:
• By card (existing magnetic rewards card or RFID card)
• By biometric devices

By card: the dealer checks players into a seat by swiping a player’s card or positioning RFID players' card on the bet box and selecting the seat the customer is sitting in.
By biometric devices: the system automatically checks players into a seat by taking a player’s image and selecting the seat the customer is sitting in or by taking a player’s fingerprint and selecting the seat the customer is sitting in.

Hand counts are then assigned to the individual player checked into that seat at the table.

Ratings by hand counts have shown to be a more accurate means of calculating a player’s comp value than the currently used time-based rating.

Time and estimated hands per hour are always inexact values that could skew comp calculations drastically.

Time-base ratings are estimated to be longer per session by taking into account: inaccurate time-out, time away from the table, shuffle time and table management (fills/credits, deck changes, markers, etc).

With the GTI BJBT System, exact hand counts are used in the “Theoretical Win” formula dramatically improving the rating accuracy. Time-based ratings have shown to be 10 to 30 percent inaccurate in blackjack ratings and as much as 50 percent off in some carnival and baccarat games.

Casino management can now track any proposition or bonus bet on a game by placing a sensor under the side betting area. Since casinos are charged for these prop or bonus bet games, tracking the utilization of these bets can verify or disprove the cost associated with the game is justified.

GTI BJBT System tracks all hands dealt so dealer speed and efficiency can easily be evaluated. Now, casinos can routinely perform dealer audits and determine casino hands per hour goals on all game types.

With the increasing popularity in table games, casinos need the ability to accurately track and compensate live games as well as efficiently manage the casino pit.

GTI BJBT System is a stand-alone system but can be combined with GTI Casino CIMS System to form a complete casino currency and table game management, player tracking and rating system.

We believe our product and systems are the most complete, high tech products in the market today.

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