Casino CIMS System

GTI Casino CIMS System

GTI Gaming re-designed and created a new concept for the management of the casino of the future with Casino CIMS System!

GTI Gaming perfectly combined and integrated its high quality casino currency through a new and innovative manufacturing process, combined and perfectly integrated its casino products, equipment and accessories, specifically studied and totally dedicated to casino gaming tables and casino cage with its newest, proprietary, “third generation” RFID technology.

Our RFID technology studied, integrated and supplied today by GTI Gaming is the sole, perfectly working, valid and highly reliable, the one and only that ensure the maximum of the quality, of the readability in scanning now available today on the market.

GTI Gaming’s RFID technology integrated into high quality casino currency, casino products, equipment and accessories are offered at a very competitive price, in other words the maximum of the security, of the quality, of the technology at a reasonable and affordable price.

GTI Casino CIMS System Casino is the most advanced and innovative tool available today on the market for casino currency management!

GTI Casino CIMS system is designed and developed to fully automate in “real time” all operating processes for the management of your casino currency (gaming chips, plaques and jetons) inside your casino.

GTI Casino CIMS System perfectly ensure fast, accurate, precise reading of the casino currency, is modular, it can work individually on a single table or single cashier desk, or form a network to multiple tables and multiple cashiers. GTI CIMS System allows you to leverage the security and functionality of automatic detection, identification and reading the microchip embedded in gaming chips on the gaming tables, at cashier desk, in players’ hands basically anywhere in the Casino.

GTI CIMS System can be installed anywhere in the casino, fits perfectly in casino current gaming tables and cage equipment and furniture, with few minor retro fitting operation, GTI Gaming has a complete and wide catalogue and directly manufacture, following main components:

RFID integrated products, equipment and accessories for the casino cage, vault, chip bank, back office, cashier desk counter and redemption window.

RFID integrated products, equipment and accessories for the casino floor and gaming tables, Card tables float chip trays, plaques boxes and trays, roulette float chip trays and racks, drop boxes, pit boss podium and cabinet, portable authentication devices.

RFID technology, electronic infrastructure integrated into casino products, equipment and accessories doesn’t modify design and dimension, it is perfectly adapted to fit the new and old tables.

An easy process of retro-fitting, is practically applicable to any sort of gaming table: Roulette, Black Jack, Baccarat, Punto Banco, Chemin de Fer, Craps, Caribbean Stud and 3 cards Poker, Sic-Bo, etc. etc.

With GTI Casino CIMS System casinos management can have on fingertips, in real time, casino currency accurate and precise inventory and enjoy total control with the maximum level of security on every single casino currency transaction everywhere in the casino cage, floor and gaming tables.

GTI Gaming Casino CIMS Systems allows casinos management to consolidate in a single screen all the information from one single casino up to the biggest casinos group.

Today, every casino manager, owner and operator is certainly informed and aware about enormous advantages and benefits that could be enjoyed in adopting, implementing and using RFID technology integrated casino currency and casino products, equipment and accessories into the casino cage and on the casino floor and gaming tables.

Our high quality casino currency, as well as all of our RFID casino products, equipment and systems have been introduced, adopted and are currently used with full satisfaction of the operators in some European Casinos and European Casinos Group.

GTI Casino CIMS System provides following fully automatic functionality, features and benefits:

-> Casino currency detection
-> Casino currency authentication and validation
-> Casino currency inventory and counting
-> Casino currency tracking
-> Casino currency extra strong increased security at maximum level

  • Eliminates manual processes, minimizes human error and improves the overall efficiency
  • Easy to use software, offers immediate access to a complete and accurate database of all casino currency and their individual data valid
  • Reads gaming chips in any place
  • Increase protection against counterfeiting and theft of casino chips
  • Increase safety and verifies the exchange of cash flows against chip input and output, monitoring every transaction and verifying manual counts
  • Provides a secure inventory of chips
  • Check correct position of each chip
  • Monitor the activities of the chips (lids and locks)
  • Full integration possible with third parties systems, CRM and CMS
  • Provides information for surveillance systems
  • Provides an extensive range of reports and complete as possible
  • Provides all the data “real time”
  • It ‘s constantly updated and enhanced with new features
  • Effective total casino currency control in “real time”;
  • Total casino currency records tracking and transactions control;
  • Cost mitigation
  • Process optimization
  • Extended gaming tables operating time