Plastic Injection Gaming Plaques

Plastic Injection Gaming Plaques

GTI manufactures wide range of Plastic Injection gaming plaques following sizes:

  • 68x48 mm
  • 82x57 mm
  • 95x66 mm

different sizes are available on request.




GTI offer a wide range of decal printing and finishing option configuration to enhance the visibility and aesthetic appeal of your plaque decal designs.

Decal features

  • Decals are made from polycarbonate material that is durable and is scratch resistant
  • All decal centers are durable, aestetically pleasing and ideal for CCTV control

Printing options

  • Pad Printing
  • Black text stamped directly onto the plaque
  • Silk-screen Printing: two or more spot colors printed on a white or colored background
  • Four color process: any design or picture printed in full color

Finishing Options

GTI decals can also incorporate the following materials and ink for special effects:

  • Colored foil
  • Colored diffraction foil
  • Partial diffraction foil combined with screen print
  • Generic, network or customized holograms
  • Specialy inks such as metallic, pearlescent, and chameleon

Security Features

GTI injection molded gaming plaques can include a variety of security features to increase their resistance to counterfeiting. The following security features can be added to your GTI gaming plaques.

  • RFID microchips use a unique tags that is encoded and encrypted. GTI casino currency have RFID security feature as a standard of manufacturing process, at no charge.
  • Serialization
  • UV marking
  • IR marking
  • Custom Mold
  • Inner ring text
  • Holograms
  • Glittered / prismatic Foils
  • EM Detection