Casino Currency


GTI Gaming is the new worldwide leading specialist and manufacturer of casino currency.
GTI Gaming designs, manufactures and sells high quality casino gaming chips, jetons and plaques, to all licensed casinos worldwide only.

GTI Gaming casino currency is not sold to the public.

An exceptionally professional and superb research and development department, high quality materials and manufacturing process of the casino currency, maniac security, attention to customer needs make GTI Gaming the ideal partner to work with.

GTI Gaming casino currency is the high innovative result of our technology research & development division, is manufactured with the most advanced and sophisticated manufacturing technologies and processes (plastic injection moulded, plastic thermo compression moulded, sublimation) to the highest quality materials and is made to ensure a controlled game and a full safety certified for anti-counterfeiting and fraud.

GTI Gaming casino currency is manufactured with all characteristics of size, shape, weight, colour and graphic accordingly to the high demanding and sophisticated customers’ needs.

From concept to design to finished product, each gaming chip is custom made utilizing the most stringent security measures possible.

GTI Gaming is practically able to manufacture any sort of casino currency accordingly to the casino needs.

GTI Gaming casino currency has a wide range of design, a wide range of material, a wide range of standard and special bright colours.

All graphics are extremely loyal and precise as required by the customer or proposed and designed by our company.

GTI Gaming casino currency offers an extraordinary visual impact, a unique and exciting sound, has a wide range of optimal weight and thanks
to the materials of very high quality they are made ensure a long life.


GTI Gaming manufactures high quality casino currency integrating into every single piece an RFID tag (microchip) perfectly embedded with a special new manufacturing process which offers an unlimited wide range of features that ensures cost savings and benefits in terms of precision, speed, security in detecting, counting, inventory, gaming operations procedures.

GTI Gaming is the one and only gaming chips manufacturer that manufactures casino currency with RFID tag offering it to casinos without charging the cost of the electronic microchip. GTI Gaming casino currency can be used therefore manually as traditional NON RFID gaming chips or can operate combined with GTI Gaming RFID casino currency inventory management and security system, RFID casino products and accessories.


Each piece of GTI casino currency with an integrated GTI RFID tag/microchip has a unique code that is unique, encoded and encrypted with all the data necessary and required such as its monetary value, and can be immediately identified and validated when entering contact with a reading system (RFID reader + antenna) integrated in GTI RFID casino products.

This makes GTI electronic chips or RFID an ideal way to:

  • Improve the speed and accuracy of their counting procedures, avoiding mistakes due to human errors
  • Improve inventory flow procedures, optimizing casino management process
  • Maximize and provide the higher level of security that is virtually impossible to violate



GTI casino currency integrates an RFID tag (microchip) exclusively designed and manufactured by GTI focused for gaming application.

The RFID technology embedded in casino currency and integrated into casino currency inventory management system and casino products, developed and manufactured by GTI is the result of high competence and long decennial experience of GTI research and development department and is what is the most advanced and innovative you can find today on the market and of course, not to be underestimated, the one that has the best price / quality ratio.

In other words: the best technology and quality at the best price!


Casino currency is one of our most important assets for casinos, and GTI offers the most durable and reliable microchip-operated electronic casino currency available.

GTI RFID tags:

  • are exclusively designed and manufactured for GTI
  • are perfectly integrated and embedded into GTI casino currency with a special manufacturing process;
  • provide a high level of impact resistance;
  • are protected from external vibration and centrifugal forces;
  • cannot be removed without being destroyed.

Competitors’ casino currency tags that are not manufactured by GTI are generally installed under the decal, making them vulnerable to:

  • Rupture of electronic contact, if the adhesive is lifted or removed;
  • Destruction or damage when the chips are “thrown” together or struck with another chip;
  • Turn off when scraped with the nail.