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  • GTI Introduced BJPBT
    Black Jack Player Bet Tracking
    @ICE 2020

  • GTI Introduced RPBT
    Roulette Player Bet Tracking
    @ICE 2020

About GTI - Giochi Tecnologici Italiani

GTI Giochi Tecnologici Italiani is a new leading casino currency manufacturer and RFID casino currency inventory, management and security systems and products manufacturer and developer, for casinos and gaming industry.

GTI Giochi Tecnologici Italiani offers applied technologies to allow the complete process automation of the casinos. GTI Giochi Tecnologici Italiani researches, develops and manufactures a wide range of casino currency, solutions and systems, ranging from microchips, infrastructure for gaming tables and casino cages, software application platform for management, ensuring accurate count of the gaming chips and streamlined operations with greater safety.

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